Flash Promo XTOOL EZ300 Pro With 5 Systems Diagnosis Engine,ABS,SRS,Transmission and TPMS Diagnostic Tool PK MD802 TS401 Free Update Online

Flash Promo XTOOL EZ300 Pro With 5 Systems Diagnosis Engine,ABS,SRS,Transmission and TPMS Diagnostic Tool PK MD802 TS401 Free Update Online

Flash Promo XTOOL EZ300 Pro With 5 Systems Diagnosis Engine,ABS,SRS,Transmission and TPMS Diagnostic Tool PK MD802 TS401 Free Update Online

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Item specifics
  • Item Type:
    Code Readers & Scan Tools
  • Software Version:
    XTOOL EZ300 PRO 2018 Model
  • Language:
  • Brand Name:
  • Software Update:
  • Special Features:
  • Hardware Version:
    XTOOL EZ300 PRO Car Diagnostic Tool
  • Special Features:
    EPS, Oil service reset, Auction Test
  • Software Version:
    Support 68 car brands software
  • XTOOL EZ300 PRO:
    4 Systems Diagnostic tool + TPMS reset Tool
  • Cover Systems:
    ABS, AIRBAG, Transmission, Engine, TPMS code scanner
  • Main Function:
    5 System Diagnostics, read & erase fault code, live data,auction test
  • Special Function:
    EPS, SERVICE RESET, TPMS Reset (for certain car brands)
  • Actuation/Active/ Components test:
    judge whether these actuating components are working properly
  • Performance:
    Excellent /strong and stable
  • Update:
    Free Update On Official Website
  • Shipping & Warranty:
    Fast shipping & 1 year warranty
Product Description


XTOOL EZ300 Pro With 5 Systems Diagnosis Engine,ABS,SRS,Transmission and TPMS Diagnostic Tool PK MD802 TS401 Free Update Online 


Production description

XTOOL EZ300 PRO is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL based on Android system. Its open source Android operating system provides fast boot-up and multitasking. EZ300 provides engine, ABS, SRS, transmission and TPMS, 5 syetems diagnosis for most US, Asian and European makes, besides, it has special function like auction test, EPS, and oil service light reset. It's a great ALL IN ONE diagnsotic tool for professional technician and DIY users.
EZ300 PRO Main Function Description:
Notice: Different vehicles have slight different menus.
1. Read ECU: this function is to read ECU version information, which is the equivalent of “System Identification” or “System Information” in some electronic control systems, all mean to read ECU related software and hardware versions, models and production date of diesel engine, part number, etc. It is convenient for us to make record in the maintenance process, and it also makes later date feedback and management easier.
2. Read DTCs: read trouble codes stored in ECU.
3. Clear DTCs: clear current and historical trouble codes memory in ECU, under the premise that all the troubles are eliminated. The trouble codes can not be erased without eliminating all the troubles, which will cause the diagnostic tool always reading the trouble code because the code will always be saved in ECU. 
4. Read Live Data: that is to read the parameters of running engine, such as oil pressure, temperature, engine speed, fuel oil temperature, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, etc. Based on these parameters, we can judge directly where the problem lies, which helps to narrow the scope in maintenance. For some vehicles, during their actual operation, the problems such as performance characteristics offset, sensitivity reduction, can be judged in live data. This function needs us very familiar with  engine parameters, for instance, when idle speed is 800RPM or 750RPM, coolant operating temperature is between 80~105℃, what are the operating voltage and time of each sensor and actuator?
5. Special Functions: TPMS reset;  EPS( Electric Power Steering ) diagnostics & reset; Oil Service Light Reset
6. Actuation/Ative/ Components Test: mainly to judge whether these actuating components of engine are working properly.
Tips: users should better not to clear trouble codes, we need record the trouble details after reading code, which is provided as reference for maintenance. After dealing with troubles, there will be no trouble code when we re-read.
EZ300 PRO Covered System
Engine, ABS, Airbag, Transmission, TPMS (Same as TS401)
EZ300 PRO Support car brands
EZ300 -ATP
XTOOL EZ300 Front Review
Back Review
Top Review
①MicroUSB:Battery charge or data synchronization with PC
②DB15 Port:Supports wired connection with car by the cable
③Power Button:  Power on or power off
How to Connect EZ300 PRO
Wired Connection  ①→②→③→④
a. Connect cables and EZ300PRO in following order: ①→②→③→④
b. Switch on the ignition and turn on EZ300PRO tablet, then tap on EZ300PRO application to test vehicles. (Shown as follows)
①  EZ300PRO Mainframe  ② Main Test Cable  ③ OBDⅡ-16  ④ Vehicle
*Precautions Before Use
The vehicle power supply has to meet the normal voltage limits DC4.8V—5V.
When pull and plug test wire harness, users should pinch the front-end of the wire harness to pull and plug, not pull the middle section of the wire harness. Users should check the corresponding direction of the port and plug in horizontally when they plug the wire harness, instead of inserting in an oblique way, which may damage the terminal.
When taking some special functions tests, users are required to operate the device according to operating instructions. For vehicle, it has to strictly meet the requirements, for example, the conditions that some vehicle models need to be reached are as follows: engine temperature 80℃/105℃, turn  off the loads (such as headlights, air-conditioner, etc.), put accelerator pedal in released position, etc.
The ECU for Chinese domestic vehicle models are relatively disorderly, so when users meet conditions, such as the car can not be tested or the test data is wrong, they should consider whether the selected menu corresponds to the tested electronic control system, or they can find the car ECU and select the right menu according to the model number on the ECU label.
If users can not find the tested vehicle model or electronic control system in EZ300PRO test menu, they may need to update the software or consult Xtool technical service department
Banned to have connection test by using harness not from Xtool to avoid unnecessary losses. 
Banned to power off directly in the communication between EZ300PRO and vehicle. Users should cancel the task and return to the main interface, then power off.
The device should be put and lifted slightly to avoid collision when using EZ300PRO. When click the screen, touch it gently to guarantee the service life of the touch screen.
During long period of non-use, please disconnect the power and turn it off.
EZ300 PRO Technical Parameters 
Operating System: Android
Processor:Quad-core 1.6GHz Processor
Memory: 1G RAM,16G FLASH
Display: 7.0 inch touch screen with 1024×600 resolution
Sensors: Gravity Sensor,Ambient Light Sensor
Audio Input/Output: Microphone, Dual Speakers, 4-Band 3.5 mm stereo/standard headset jack
Power and Battery: 4000mAh, 3.7V lithium-polymer battery
Power Voltage: 5V
Power Consumption: 8W
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50℃(-4 to 126℉)
Humidity: <90%
Dimension (L*W*H): 218*150*29mm
Software Display
Select enter Settings: users can set the language, unit and other system related options:
Languages: select the language. Please tick the needed option from multi-language options on the right.
Select unit of measurement. Users can tick Metric or English measurement.
PDF Files:
PDF files are the diagnostic reports of Live Data or Trouble Codes in the process of diagnosis. Entering PDF can check various diagnostic reports.
Pictures are all the screen capture files in the diagnosis process.
Data Playback:
Data Playback can check what cars have been tested and play recorded Live Data & freeze frame.
EZ300PRO doesn’t need insert a card for updating, users only need to tap on EZ300PRO application and click UPDATE , shown as follows.
1452 (2) (1) (6)67 (3)
3Packing List
1 * EZ300 PRO Main Unit
1* OBDII Socket
1* OBDII Cable
1* Power Adapter (EU+ USA)
1* USB Cable
1* User Mnual with Activation Paper


Packaging Details
  • Unit Type:
  • Package Weight:
    3.0kg (6.61lb.)
  • Package Size:
    30cm x 25cm x 15cm (11.81in x 9.84in x 5.91in)

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